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I can answer questions about the Scientology philosophy, its methods, theories and practices. I can also answer questions about the Church of Scientology and alternative Scientology groups and of the practices thereof.

Experience in the area

I posted on as Voltaire's Child for about a year or two. I have posted on several forums and blogs. I have a number of disagreements with the Church of Scientology and, thus, am no longer a member.


I have been quoted in some webpages regarding Scientology and criticism of Scientology. My site is


In the subject, I am a Scientology and Dianetics auditor, a former staff member, an OT and have completed quite a bit of tech and admin training when I was in the Church of Scientology. These days, when I want further training or auditing, I obtain that outside the Church of Scientology.
I have also been a guest on a radio station (KAHL) during a segment on Scientology.

What do you like about this subject?

My favorite thing about Scientology is its views on the nature of spirituality.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I plan to continue to learn and to grow as a person within and outside the practice of Scientology.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Scientology believes that anyone can get better or change and that any emotional or spiritual condition can be changed and/or reversed.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The secrecy aka "confidentiality" of certain Scientology scriptures and tenets. The fact that the claims re the states of Clear and OT are exaggerated. The fact that CofS has vowed to eradicate the entire practice of Psychiatry but that their front group, CCHR, claims to only want to eradicate psychiatric abuses.

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2013-05-18 theta, thetan, static:

A thetan is a "static". It is a static because it is not made out of matter, energy, space or time. That's what makes it a static. So the static is a static in terms of the physical universe. So a thetan

2012-08-24 Scientology Interview Questions:

1) Yes. My Dad was into it since I was 9 then when I was 17 he bought me a communications course in Scientology.    2)Yes, it has many. That's why I'm no longer a member.  The main one is no psychiatry

2012-05-28 Research:

Hi,    Well, with Scientology (abbreviation: Scn) you've got a couple things in the mix. One is the Church of Scientology. The other is the underlying belief systems, Dianetics and Scn.     I was a member

2012-04-09 Scientology:

Scientology is non theistic but is spiritual because it has beliefs pertaining to spirits, spirituality and that sort of thing. Just as Buddhism and Taoism don't have deity worship, neither does Scientology

2011-09-08 8th dynamic:

Again, I don't think Hubbard said it would always happen that way. Basically, a spirit does whatever it's gonna do. I personally do not believe people get implanted. It may've happened in the distant past


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