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I will answer questions about the Sea Organization and administrative internal atmosphere in the Sea Organization from 1975 until 2003, the 27 year period I was part of the Sea Organization.

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I was an adminstrative training supervisor for church staff, and I worked compiling checklists of administrative duties for church staff. I also spent almost 7 years on the Church of Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force, and will answer questions about my time on the RPF and how it worked while I was on it.


Some College (Univ of Maryland, Phoenix City College, Arizona State Univ)

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2016-04-29 how's you:

Hi Val,    I'm enjoying my job, I'm 64 this month, and plan to work until I'm 70 at least, and then in my 70s sometime, I like my job so will work as long as I can at it.    Since leaving Scientology I

2015-04-18 love:

Hi Dillon,    L. Ron Hubbard is not one to give good advice in general, thus what he says I would not today advise others to use.    If you insist on believing legitimacy in Hubbard's advice, then the

2014-12-03 well hello there!:

Tricks of the mind are the explanation in my unprofessional opinion, for these moments when we are convinced that we feel things with our senses, but rather we are having activity in our brain that makes

2014-10-20 can't find them:

Dear Val,    For legal reasons, the no longer confidential, but still possibly legally protected Scientology "secret" (no longer) exorcism procedures and the Xenu story history, are on Wikileaks.    You

2014-10-15 OT levels:

Val,    All of the OT levels, up to 8, are downloadable from Wikileaks.    There is so much on Wikileaks it would take you literally months to even read them all.    The OT 3 Course Pack, for instance


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