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I can answer questions dealing with a wide range of Scientology subjects. My main area of expertise is in the Management of the Church of Scientology. Along with that, the issues faced by people leaving the Church and the Sea Organization. I am no longer a member of the Church of Scientology. As I do not now possess a library of Hubbard's books, specific questions about auditing processes are not something I can give references for.

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I was in the Sea Organization and Management of the Church for 13 years. I ran one of the Advanced Organizations.


I have two Associates degrees in Engineering and Computer Science

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2012-12-02 origination:

Hi Susan    An "origination" was, originally (pun intended), something that the person who was receiving auditing said to the auditor in response to seeing something about themselves or their auditing

2012-01-15 research paper:

There are two underlying beliefs that govern scientology practices regarding healthcare. The first is that 70% of all illness is psychosomatic - which was first promulgated by Hubbard in Dianetics The

2011-09-24 honour:

Well if Tom Cruise did the movie because he thought that the Code of the Samurai somehow "mirrored" Scientology "ethics" he must have had his head firmly in the sand. There is no honour in Scientology

2011-09-13 sex act and scientology:

Well Hubbard had some issues himself on the subject of marriage, sex and fidelity. He tried to divide up life into several "urges to survive" but did an incredibly poor job of it.    The result has been

2010-04-10 questions:

Hello,    This is a difficult question to answer because you don't say what it is you are looking for in a religion, why your current religion does not help you achieve that and why you think Scientology


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