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I can answer questions about Scientology beliefs, practices, policies, and history.

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I am a Scientologist and have been for some time. I have previously and recently served as a Scientology staff member. I have received some auditing, trained as as auditor, and studied extensively the organizational policies of Scientology.

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Hans04/26/11101010Thank you, Matt. Regards, Hans
B.D.10/25/10101010Yes that makes sense! Thank you!
Josh09/28/10101010Thank you so much! That really did .....
Josephine Holt05/14/10101010Thanks, Matt, also for the references. Good .....

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2011-09-06 confronting the suppressive:

Confronting someone in that situation doesn't necessarily mean that you will get into a physical altercation with him. It just means that instead of accepting the situation and living in fear, you will

2010-10-22 Suppression:

Sorry it took me so long to get to your follow up question.    Suppression and restimulation are two different things.    Suppression occurs when something is stopping you, holding you back, preventing

2010-10-21 Suppression:

Actually, the typical approach is to handle suppression outside of auditing.    There are certain factors that can prevent a person from having gains in auditing, and those factors are handled external

2010-10-21 Metitating:

I'm honestly not aware of anything in Scientology that labels any specific meditation practice as harmful. The Scientologist who told you that may have been giving you his own personal opinion, or he may

2010-09-28 Postulates:

Is a postulate good or bad? Well that depends on what it contains. That is kind of like asking if making a decision is a good thing or a bad thing. It totally depends on what you decide!    Where we run


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