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Juan Carlos Valencia


First of all: I do NOT answer questions about Passports, Legal issues, Government procedures nor person searches. I know very little about these topics. Please don't insist ! I'm a middle-age Colombian with a thirst for travel. I've managed to travel through good portions of this complex but fascinating country and could provide advice on destinations, special care, hazards, prices and highlights. I've also traveled throughout a part of Central and South America, Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, so I think I could provide some balanced advice, avoiding nationalistic hype but also pointing out some particular, unique charms of this unusual land.

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Constant traveler, scuba-diver, Media Communication academic, amateur photographer.


PhD in Media Communication. I speak Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and a bit of German.

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carlos04/22/15101010Wonderful, great and friendly, i gained alot .....
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keianna04/18/13101010Thanks so much Juan and your absolutely .....
Geoffrey01/11/13101010Thanks Juan carlos. I am grateful. Regards .....

Recent Answers from Juan Carlos Valencia

2015-04-22 health care:

Carlos,     I have limited knowledge of health topics. I can tell you that Santa Marta is a fairly big city with significant medical infrastructure. It has attracted lots of foreigners and it has become

2014-11-18 question about open yoga classes in Bogota and contemporary dance classes:

Dear Anali,     Yoga has become relatively popular in Colombia's biggest cities and Bogota is no exception. There are plenty of Yoga centers, especially in the north of the city as well as in downtown

2013-10-28 follow up to answers:

Hey James,     great that you checked previous answers before asking. I frequently get the same questions because folks do not take the time to check older answers!    Crime statistics have been high in

2013-04-17 Cities in Colombia:

Dear Keianna,     sure, I can help, but shouldnīt your daughter be doing the research herself?  :-)    The criteria for defining what a major city is, may not be all that clear. Letīs assume that a major

2013-03-06 Colombia advice:

Hey Paul,     we are seeing more and more foreign tourists like you two here. Do you speak some Spanish? It would make a big difference.     Prices are high at the moment because of the exchange rate and


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