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I am a Aruba Certified Agent ,Specializing in Honeymoons,& Family vacations. I will be glad to help you book your vacation to Aruba.

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I have been to Aruba With the Tourist Board many times & I have seen almost all the resorts on the Island




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I am a current Aruba Certified Expert (ACE Agent)

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Aruba is a great Island Destination for first Caribbean Visitors,Has lots to offer.& Great weather.

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Evelyn 11/22/11101010Diane, thanks a MILLION for your help .....

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2012-07-11 aruba to curacao:

Hi Jessica,  Just Returned home From Aruba... & to answer your question, I would wait until you arrive in Aruba. I believe there are day trips to Curacao that you can book when you arrive in Aruba..  I

2011-11-22 ABC islands - Curacao:

Hi Evelyn,  I do know about Curacao & it is a very beautiful Island .It is alot like a Aruba.  Because it is below the Hurricane Belt all the ABC Islands are Spared ,Not to say they do not have Bad weather

2010-06-12 Holiday inn:

Hi There Ramon,  I actually did a Hotel inspection of that hotel last October with the Aruba Tourist Board.  It is a Value property on a great stretch. I was Impressed that it was as nice as it was for

2009-08-10 Aruba:

There really is no economical time to travel to Aruba.Because Aruba has Great weather 365 days a yr. If prices fluctuate it is because of the air... They have good promotions during the summer months For

2009-05-18 driving:

Hi there,  Here is the answer to your question. Had to check to verify.      Driving in Aruba occurs on the right-hand side of the road, just as in America. Those with a valid U.S. license and who are


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