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Been to this Island 25 times, can answer questions on weather, airline service, hotels, beaches, time-share industry, Casinos, local customs, and everything a first time traveler needs to know.

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Recieved The Certificate of Distinction from The Aruba Tourism Authority on 8/29/98

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An Island which I am familiar with,and to share my knowledge with others so they can benefit from their visit(s) as much as I have. 26nd visit as of 8/2009

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Being an Island where timeshare vacationing is an industry, there are some flaws that are hidden, where the prospective buyer is not told of.

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Airline service is always a controversy with competition on the rise. "Shopping" for an air carrier should be a must.

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Mike02/10/14101010Thank you greatly for your reply and .....
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Recent Answers from Andy Mendyk

2014-02-09 Beach Bungalows:

Hi Mike! I can only give you info on Aruba, as I visit there often. First thing I can say, for what you are looking for, Aruba is not the place for you.  The Cheapest accomodations you will find are around

2013-03-05 Aruba:

Hi Steve! Aruba is 19 miles long, 6 miles wide! You can get to many points of interest within a half hour ride. Going by jeep, you can see more in a shorter amount of time vs. going with a tour operator

2013-02-15 hotels:

Hi Chris...Every hotel and timeshare facility will have American type foods. They get a lot of tourism from the US, so all menus will show that type of food. They have pizza ( Pizza Bobs and Pizza Hut)

2012-11-09 methadone:

Hello William!! One thing about any type of drug in Aruba is that no matter what the situation, You MUST have the prescription from an Aruban doctor. Any other prescription from anywhere will be ignored

2012-10-03 flight prices:

Hi Shawn..Air Fare prices have been going up and down the past 3 years. I spend a lot of time on Aruba message boards, and from what others say, and my own experience, a good price for a round trip to


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