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Tai chi chuan (taijiquan), chi kung (qigong), internal alchemy (nei gong).

Experience in the area

Practicing tai chi since 1977, teaching since 1998; chi kung and internal alchemy, training since 1995, teaching since 1998.


Vice President of American Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Association.


New book - Tai Chi In Your Life: 8 Principles That Can Change Your Life While Learning and Growing with Tai Chi. Articles - Kung Fu Magazine, Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Journal of American Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Association


Primary teachers: Certification by George Ling Hu (Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan, taught by Wang Yen-nien). Jampa Mackenzie Stewart (chi kung, internal alchemy, senior instructor for Mantak Chia). Other teachers with less exposure: Jeff Bolt (Northern Shaolin Kung Fu), Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming (Chi Kung), Master Wang Yen-nien (internal alchemy), Raul Shelton (Shorin-Ryu karate), Dr. Glenn Morris (Bujinkan ninjutsu and budo). Lesser training in judo and taekwondo.

Awards and Honors

Gold and silver medals in various tai chi competitions (forms, pushing hands).

Past/Present Clients

Currently teaching at the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center; formerly taught at the University of Houston-Downtown.

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dion06/16/14101010thank you for your advice :)
Aaron05/15/14101010Thank you very much, Dale, for your .....

Recent Answers from Dale Napier

2014-06-11 Problems with spine:

For pressure on your spine, yoga spine flexing can help tremendously, especially the Bridge and Shoulder Stand.  Side to side flexion will help as well: Tai Chi and/or yoga are good for these issues, but

2010-12-08 want your views on my problem:

This is not a problem.  There is nothing wrong with bodybuilding; the people who told you these things have a prejudice against it, that's all.  It is only bad for you if you use steroids or other drugs

2010-09-03 finding good instruction:

You are right, certificates and lineage say nothing about how good an instructor is; one can hope, but no guarantees.  I have a lineage and a certificate, but every day I meet a new student, I know I have

2010-09-01 Is Muscle building bad for body:

Muscle building is not inherently bad, but if you go about it the wrong way, that can be harmful.  I agree, for instance, that hard abs are unhealthy.  So don't do that!  But there are plenty of things

2010-06-10 tai chi effects:

Well, you have a lot of questions here.  Learning Tai Chi by long distance is difficult.  If you wish to try it, I recommend you start by reading my book, Tai Chi In Your Life:  8 Principles That Can Change


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