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I am a qualified yoga teacher. I would love to answer beginners questions about yoga. How to start pranayama or asanas? What are the essentials of a yoga practice? How to stay focused for yoga practice? How to avoid lifestyle diseases by adopting yoga? Health benefits of yoga.

Experience in the area

Practicing yoga for last 7 years. Conducts community yoga classes.


I am webmaster of I write articles at


Post Graduate in Chemistry, Qualified Chemistry teacher. Undergone yoga teachers training course.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Spread awareness of yoga. I offer free yoga course at my website and lot of free information for beginners.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Each one teach one for free.

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2016-05-09 breathing problem:

Hello Vivek    1. Pranayama is not recommended if you are having a blocked nose and chest congestion. Do not do any pranayama at all for time being.    2. You need to consult a doctor to find out the medical

2016-02-12 tight trapezius:

Hello Sara    1.  You need to do exercises for the neck and the shoulders, I do most of these exercises but the best way to explain to you is through two of the videos i found online... You can follow


Hello Vivek    If you have difficulty in breathing, it is advisable not to do any pranayama except rhythmic breathing. Please learn pranayama from a teacher. Here are my suggestions:    ~ Learn yoga from

2015-04-12 downward facing dog:

Hello Rick    It depends on how long you have been doing yoga. If you are a beginner, just keep up the practice of other asanas and your strength and flexibility will improve. You do the downward facing

2015-03-01 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:

Hello Michael    You will definitely benefit by taking up yoga practice. Here are my suggestions:    1.  Find a yoga teacher who can devise a specific yoga sequence for you based on your fitness and strength


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