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I can answer questions concerning Kundalini Yoga including the postures, Kriyas, breathing and meditation.

Experience in the area

over 30 years


Certified Kundalini Yoga instructor.



Awards and Honors

Placed third in the "Kundalini Yoga Olympics" overall and won 3 out of 5 events. Note: Yoga is not about competition but this was a special event.

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Archana10/28/14101010Thanks! your guidance is very helpful.
Aaron03/31/14101010Thank you so much, Gurubandhu, for your .....

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Sat Nam Vivek,    Sorry but this notice must have ended up in my spam folder because allexperts just notified me.  I cannot say yoga will help you learn things faster but you may be able to concentrate

2015-08-20 headaches during anulom vilom:

Naina,    I don't know you or your situation.  I will do my best to help.  Try these things and if they help continue to do them and if not do not do them but give them a fair chance.  The alternate Nostril

2015-06-06 Third eye:

Sat Nam Srinivaas,    I am sorry to tell you that there is no easy answer to focusing.  If you lose your focus, then get back to what you are doing.  Redouble your efforts.  Examples are remember or chant

2015-05-30 Third eye:

Sat Nam Srinivaas,    Trouble focusing is the nature of the monkey mind.  Oftentimes, yoga is done before meditation to prepare the body for meditation.  Pranayam can be done during the meditation to help

2015-05-17 head injury:

Sat Nam,    I apologize that this is late but I just received this two days ago right from allexperts.  I am puzzled why it did not get to me.  I live in the USA and have never been to India but will do


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