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PR for businesses which in acquiring free media publicity, via press releases, etc. Further, I can assist businesses which need damage control as I have more than 35 years spanning all phases of communications (broadcast, print, wire service and internet) I have even written a manual on media advocacy and I conduct seminars . Additional expertise in show business as I was a personal manager and had one of the largest booking agencies in the Midwest. I was also Kansas City`s first executive news producer and it`s first TV entertainment editor. I now specialize in public relations and business consulting. I am an expert consultant on three other Internet consulting sites.

Experience in the area

An award winning TV news producer and reporter. Owner of my own public relations and advertising agency. More than 40 years in communications spanning broadcast, print and now the Internet. I have taught many journalism interns and have been a path-finder in television news productions. I once was a publisher and writer for several magazines and had my own local shows on TV and radiio. I was past president of a chamber of commerce.

What do you like about this subject?

The ever changing and challenging aspect of it all. The creative and exhilarating highs and lows and the daily contribution to communications

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

It is a daily classroom with ever changing technology. Now that the Internet is so prevalent I expect to learn even more on an International level

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

If I revealed that then there would be nothing else to know.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

Public Relations became controversial when multi level marketers and telemarketers used the term to mean relating to the public as sales people and hucksters. They took it our of the hallowed halls of journalism and communications and demeaned it. A true public relations person is one who is skilled, trained and dedicated to his craft and his client.

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Demetrius02/15/14101010Mr. Plantz is swift, knowledgeable and clear .....
Demetrius01/17/14101010The credentials of Mr. Plantz are impressive .....
Rico 08/03/13101010 
Louis primavera07/19/13101010Was very informative , thank you

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2015-05-12 telecommute:

Demetrius,    Thanks for your question.    There is indeed telecommute employment in public relations. In fact rates  PR as number 7 in top 10 telecommute opportunities.....they write:

2013-06-28 Public relations:

Todd,    Thanks for the questions.  You have impressive credentials which translates into people skills so necessary in  public relations.  First off there are many aspects of PR. Writing for a PR firm

2012-10-15 Riding the PR Wave:

Aaron,    Well done but too long.    You need a headline like.     Dallas Health Organization Wins National Award.    You mentioned Meranda but not her last name.   Get all those paragraphs shorter. Don't

2012-10-12 Riding the PR Wave:

Aaron.    Congratulations on your prestigious award. Now tell everyone.    First- Write a one page press release containing ....who...what...where...when...why and how.          No longer than one page

2012-09-07 PR related query:

Asha Thapa,    Thanks for your questions. I am not familiar with companies in your country but PR is the same    in all countries. To begin is to hone your skills and one skill that is mandatory is writing


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