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Mary van Ede

South Africa

Anything related to Breastfeeding. Expressing when returning to work. Mastitis. Complications.

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I have successfully breastfed all my 3 children. Even expressing with my children when I went back to work. I suffered the challenge of engorgement, mastitis, poor latching. Have done a lot of reading and research.


Matric. Business Administration. Was an active member of the La Leche League when I was breastfeeding every time. Was an All Expert member for a while - you will find my comments etc in this section - but had to stop my contributions due to work commitments.

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2015-10-29 colostrum:

Hi there Erin,    Thank you so much for the message.    Congratulations on the 3rd little bean.     Well done for trying so hard the first two times.  Even though I might not agree with your decision,

2014-06-11 can i leave my breastfeed baby overnight?:

Hi there,    Thank you for your message.    I personally don't think it will be a train smash if you are away one night.  The biggest downfall with many (I have done it myself) is to become a dummy for

2014-02-21 Breastfeeding and vitamins:

Hi there,    Thanks for your question.    I believe that whilst breastfeeding you should not take any supplements.    However, for feeling tired and mild depression you should try something rather like

2014-01-29 baby not gaining much weight while breasfeeding:

Expressing before is a good idea, but she also needs the foremilk as that satisfies thirst.  While she is nursing on the one breast, you can simultaneously express on the other breast for five minutes

2014-01-19 baby not gaining much weight while breasfeeding:

Hi there,    Thank you for the message, my apologies I am only answering now but I only saw the email from allexperts now saying I had a question waiting, I didn't get the original email for some reason


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