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I'm the mother of 6 and was a state licensed daycare provider for 14 years. If it's happened to anyone it's happened to me. As a daycare provider (not babysitter--we never sit) I've been asked some of the most ridiculous questions. Do you know what to ask a prospective provider and why to ask?

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I think my greatest accomplishment is my children. Not just my biological ones but the others I helped to raise in my daycare. They are all loving little people that have respect for authority. I'm very proud of them

What do you like about this subject?

I love talking about finding daycare because it is really scary to trust your child to someone who is virtually a total stranger. If I can point out some problem areas to a parent it is very satisfying. I think that every child deserves a safe place to be cared for.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I'm learning more about children every day. They constantly amaze and amuse.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

There are several important questions to ask a potential caregiver. Do you know what they are?

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

You've seen all the bad press about caregivers. There should be press about bad parents!

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2013-05-11 one month notice:

I'm so sorry but I have no idea about the contract laws in California. Here, if you pre pay, you need to give the 30 days notice in writing. Since they will not show you the contract, you might be able

2011-07-25 How much to pay my sitter:

When I had my home daycare, and its been 5 years so by now I'd charge more, I would have charged $125 per week for each child not potty trained going down to $100 per week after training. I know that the

2011-07-21 Hectic childcare:

Hi Lori,    Keep going. I've found that the children from my daycare grew up to be more like my own children than their siblings who were already in school. While their family situation fluxuates wildly

2011-01-02 rates:

This is a very fair amount and I'll tell you why. Daycare homes are limited by law how many children they can have under 2 years of age. In my state, I can have 2 under two years of age with a total of

2010-07-24 Parent Issue:

Kelly,    I get where you're coming from. If she's not under contract, make a manual of rules that you give to each parent (similar to those of an elementary school) including pay policies and a contract


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