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Chris J. Christensen


I can answer any questions dealing with small to medium sized businesses in concern to marketing, sales, public relations and business development. I am the founder of Chris James Business Services, a full-service marketing and public relations firm specializing in small to medium sized businesses. I also own 10 other businesses, all in different industries. This allows me to give you not only an experts view of theories, but also first hand life experience!

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I am a marketing, public relations and business development consultant for small to medium sized businesses.


Bachelor of Science Business Administration Specializing in Marketing (Regis University) Minor in Communications (Regis University) Certificate in Public Relations (Regis Univeristy)

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2013-02-26 Where to by lists of people who are in debt:

Jo    Thank you for your question.  Sorry it took me a couple of days to get back to you but I was out of town at a sales conference.  There are many services out there that offer lists of people that

2012-06-04 Advertising sales:

Thanks for the question.  I have two answers for you.  The first answer will be a lot of calls and presentations just like you have done before.  Google local advertisers using the keyword phrase "(geographical

2012-05-23 book covers:

Thanks for the question.  You bring up an interesting question and debate.  There is a strong debate between marketing personnel as to the psychology of colors.  There has been hundreds of studies involving

2011-08-08 Marketing or small ads:

Pedro thank you for the question.  There are two accepted terms you could use to describe this type of marketing.  The general term is "co-op" marketing.  All "co-op" marketing means is that 2 or more

2011-05-06 Effective Direct Marketing:

Thank you for the question.  The answer you are looking for is just not that clear cut.  Do some people have "luck" with e-mail marketing, yes.  The issue with e-mail marketing is that unless these people


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