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Anything pertaining to daily conversation, music, historical/modern forms of Japanese-character writing, computer/IT-related vocabulary, and aquatic sciences.

Experience in the area

14 years of Japanese study with about 10 of those years in Japan.


Global Underwater Explorers, Okinawa Underwater Explorers, Okinawa Freethought Society


Degree in Music Performance, University of Southern California. 10+ years working the IT/computer programming world. 8 years of amateur translation assistance. 8 years in marine conservation/technical dive exploration in Japan.

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Recent Answers from Michael DePaula

2016-08-24 Car rear sticker meaning in english:

It's hard to say without pictures but the only stickers with stars on them that I've seen, especially if they're branded are just about emissions. Check out yoshi's post on this: http://en.allexperts.com/q/Japanese-Language-1797/2010/11/sticker

2016-07-16 What happens when a person walks in a:

This site doesn't really exist to give me a megaphone to shout out my opinions. I try to give factual information to specific questions.     Your statement implies that many Japanese people support whaling

2016-07-15 What happens when a person walks in a:

Nothing usually happens because practically no restaurants in Japan serve those meats. Assuming you could convey your ideas in Japanese, you'd likely be met with a shrug and a "Who's this guy and who invited

2015-08-16 How to express "or" in Japanese:

To express the sentiment of "or", you would use か (ka) between nouns.     Water or milk is thus     水か牛乳  (みずかぎゅうにゅ

2015-05-16 tang translation:

By "one-off", I meant where all but one or two characters seem to fit.     When your sword dealers say that "ho shu taka da ju yuki naga" means "bungo takata ju fujiwara yukinaga" they're just pronouncing


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