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I can answer any questions concerning Indian Law, that may include Criminal, Civil, Matrimonial, family laws, consumer contracts, agreements personal laws including Hindu Laws and banking laws in India. I do not specialize in tax laws. DISCLAIMER: The profile and the answers given above by the expert are in conformity with the guidelines laid out by The Bar Council of India and is not intended as a means of Personal promotion nor as an Advertisement of services provided by this expert as an Advocate. The questions answered herein are free in nature and are in conformity of the legal aid programs of The Bar Council of India. Please also note that the answers given are specific to each question specified by the questioner and details provided by the same which may not reflect on the actual problems faced by the questioner. Hence it is advisable to personally consult a good Advocate/ Lawyer in your locality for solutions to your problems. The expert and this website does not undertake the accuracy of the answers herein given and the questioner's discretion is advised. FOR THE READERS: The answers given herein should not be considered as a general answer and are specific to the questions asked herein.The answers are only just path finders that leads you on the correct answers. It is always advisable to personally consult a lawyer for specific solutions to your problems

Experience in the area

I am an Attorney/Advocate/Lawyer running independent practice having extensive practice in Criminal laws,Civil laws,Family laws,Divorce laws, Guardianship of children and minors,Consumer Laws and rights,Contracts and agreements,Property laws in Kerala,Labour laws,Medical negligence,personal laws including Hindu Laws, Tribal laws and rights and Motor Accident Claims for the past 13 years.


Having Independent practice and Senior Partner in Manoj Ambat (Law Firm).Also currently involved in Tribal Rights & Empowerment Movements in the hills of Attapady, Palakkad District, Kerala State giving free legal education and assistance as part of the Akhil Bharathiya Abhibhashaka Parishad legal assistance program along with associates


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BA.L, LL.B, General Course in Intellectual Property Laws ( WIPO, Geneva)

Past/Present Clients

Individual clients and companies

What do you like about this subject?

Law is vast and each day I learn something new and and also get to make a difference in the society contributing in my own small way. Law cannot be mastered completely and each day I learn new things which is a life long process. I realize that Law is an ocean and I am just a child collecting pebble in the vast shore

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Strive to achieve perfection and be the best in this field

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

India in olden times had a robust legal system that penetrated to the grass root level. The village courts would dispense of small matters that could be solved easily thus assuring speedy and quick justice saving the people years of waiting to get justice.The need of the time is to devise such a mechanism so that speedy justice can be provided to the commonest of man.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

The pendency of the cases in India amounts to millions of cases. It is high time that necessary steps are taken for the speedy disposal of the cases.

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Recent Answers from Advocate Manoj Ambat

2017-02-15 personal loan defaulter:

The maxium period for the recovery of a loan legally is within three years from the date the loan becomes due. In your question, you have not stated how much years has passed since the loan has become

2014-07-16 Live in relationship rights.:

Dear Deven    1) Maithri karar in itself is not valid. It is only an evidence that both the parties had been living together. But it does not have any legal sanctity.     2) It is live in relationship

2014-07-10 Defect in purchase of second hand goods:

Dear Abhinav  All sales of movable goods are governed by the Sale of Goods Act. You can file a case against the seller in the consumer court . But remember that you will need to prove that the damage was

2014-06-24 Construction of basement by builder in India !:

Dear Abhi  You have not stated whether the flats in it's entirety has been sold out or the builder retains the ownership of the property while only selling the flats. Having said that, you file a petition

2014-06-16 Resign from the service:

Dear Vipin  As your notice period is already over, you need not concern yourself as you are no longer contractually bound from then onwards. The management is at wrong by not replying to your request to


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