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The medium of allexperts in asking questions and soliciting answers is for people who are in real need of assistance on their grievance. I may not be able to accommodate request on opinions, suggestions and queries from people who desire answers for their academic interest. I do not solicit professional work through the medium of allexperts. I will not be answering questions which are not asked by genuine seekers on their issues and problems. Students, Junior Lawyers, Job seekers, Para Legal and non-serious persons are requested to abstain and refrain from raising queries so as to provide this platform for genuine people in availing the facility. Questions for any academic interest will be rejected. No client attorney relationship is established by answering your query(s). I do not accept requests for legal advice nor offer any specific legal advice through the medium of allexperts or its Web page. The answers and comments are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied or regarded as legal advice. The answer to the grievance of the particular online query depends on the facts of the particular case and law applicable to it. Answers and information disseminated on this Web site is intended to be educational in nature and not intended to be a source of advertising or solicitation or be interpreted as legal advice. Users and viewers discretion is solicited and itís at your own risk. I will endeavor to answer questions on Indian Laws concerning Civil disputes on property, recovery or any other contractual obligation, Criminal disputes on Indian Penal Code, Negotiable Instruments Act, Company matters, Income Tax, Arbitration, Family and matrimonial issues, please ask.

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2015-11-05 civil matter:

Dear Jayanta,    During the life time of your mother she is free to deal with the property, if self acquired, as she wills to and there is no bar in law.    After the death of the mother the law of succession


Dear Mahadevan,    The property gifted once, unless such gift is cancelled by due process of law, it remains with the Donee for all times and will pass on to his heir/s in case of death of the donee.

2014-12-21 regarding grandfather property:

Dear Irfan Basha,    The rights of the successors is under the Muslim inheritance and succession as per Shariat.  If there is any understanding reached between the siblings as per their will and wish to

2014-11-17 Property rights:

Dear Annie,    Your concern whether you are entitled to stay in the house belonging to your mother in law or not in the circumstances that your husband and father in law have since died and that your mother

2014-08-06 print mistake:

Dear Suveetha,    The initial form that you have submitted online may have been ticked for Male instead of Female.    The Passport correction will have to be done as per the procedure under the Passports


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