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I can answer questions on indian laws relating to crimes, marriage,divorce,co-op act,wills,motor accidents,Cheque Dishonour(Bouncing)cases

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since 2004 i am practising in law

Education/Credentials, LL.b, DCS

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Recent Answers from Aniruddha.P.Pawse

2012-01-04 claim on business:

To tell the true fact unless you can establish some nexus between your father's property/ income and your brother's business it is almost impossible to get favourable decision from court over your claim

2008-10-31 Reg complaint on my wife:

Hi,  Filing  498A is not a game. She will have to prove the allegations beyond doubt. You will be given opportunity to defend and adduce your evidence and at this time your lawyer can make use of NC filed

2008-10-31 Guardianship requirements:

Hi Sonali,  In Indian The Laws are Father is a natural Guardian and thereafter the Mother in case of legitimate child. In your case as mother is not there and father has abandoned the child and his whereabouts

2008-07-07 No-objection certificate - Reg.,:

Hi Sundar,  What is the reason for not giving NOC to you? One way is to leave the job. Second you can ask a lawyer to issue notice to the employer to give you NOC but before that you can apply in writing

2008-06-26 Contractual obligation of a consultant:

Hi,  1)If you are confident that you can get the work done by other contractor in the same budget or reasonable budget then go ahead  2)Yes     If you can be able to contact personally with details and


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