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Denise Pepin


I can answer questions about French grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, and French Canadian culture.

Experience in the area

I was born in Quebec, my mother tongue is French, and I have been a French as a foreign language teacher for 30 years.


Red Cross (Croix Rouge canadienne / et québécoise Language Research Development Group (as a french tutor)


Immortal Verses


B.A. in Linguistics Master Degree in Education Master Degree in e-learning Diploma de estudios hispánicos, Barcelona, Spain

Awards and Honors

Silver Prize ( Lauréate des Amériques -- International competition hold by the TV5 consortium (best pedagogical idea for a TV script in order to learn French)

Past/Present Clients

Federal Judges (Canada) Members of the Canadian Federal Government (managers, gestion, ...) that have to learn French as a second language

What do you like about this subject?

Learning / teaching a language aims to the understanding of different cultures. French is "me", my background, my way to connect with the world. Talking about French, international, standard or regional, is sharing a part of the world we live in.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Help as many people as I can. Go beyond the scope of linguistics and know the interests of learners of the French language, culture, history and way of life ...

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

The Organization of the Francophonie, the organization comprises 56 member states and governments, 3 associate members, and 14 observers.

Something controversial or provocative about this subject

AH! The way people in TV shows try to speak French. Sometimes, I have to read the close-captioning to understand what they say!

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joan12/06/10101010But madame, even "que" which equals "that" .....

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2015-04-20 help:

 Bonjour,    You have to conjugate  (you give an order --imperative--)   the verb   this kind of verbs are called  "reflexive verbs"  and you have to choose the affirmative or the negative form to make

2015-02-09 Négation de l'infinitif:

Bonjour,    Both are correct but the 2 expressions have diferent meaning :    Your teacher is right when he /she  says   "Ne pas avoir d'amis est difficile"   and the book says     N'avoir pas will always


Hello again  when you go liste to the song on this youtube  you see    Fèy, o! Sove lavi mwen.  Nan mizè mwen ye, o!  Féy, o! Sove lavi mwen.  Nan mizè mwen ye , o!  Pitit mwen malad,  Mwen kouri kay gangan


Bonjour  Beautiful song!!!  go watch    you will have the lyrics and the translation  The one you provided  is not quite ,,,,    be careful to "peti mwa

2014-01-21 French class:

Genesis, your text is beautiful but there are so many small things to correct. if it is due today, when exactly?  i would recommend, for now , for you to go to the site   There, copy your


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