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I can answer questions relating to grammar, spelling, vocabulary, but not pronunciation. Pronunciation is too difficult to write out to be meaningful. If you are looking to learn the accent of the language, you must hear the language - and there are many websites that allow you to listen to native speakers.

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I grew up in a French speaking family. My father is French-Canadian born. I majored in Languages at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth and Classics at Roger Williams University. In both cases my concentration was on the French language.


University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth Roger Williams University

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2014-03-19 Homework help:

Dear Claire,    I apologize for the delay in responding to you.    Some teachers will allow talking in (I assume "in" = "during") lessons, while others won't.  Quelques professeurs permettent de parler

2013-06-12 French:

Dear Ashwin,    For the imperfect tense of these verbs:   1. C'était     2. faisait, you were correct   3. portais, you were correct   4. avait, you were correct   5. disaient, you were correct   6. étais

2013-05-04 ainsi que:

Dear Kathy,    Your translation is correct.  I also read this as him saying that he will be pleased to see you again as well as Samantha.  Ainsi que can mean as well as (meaning also or too), just as,

2013-03-24 Direct/Indirect Object Pronouns:

Dear Suzanne,    In these examples, you would use the adverbial pronoun "en".  J'en ai une (for bicyclette).  Tu en cherches un (for livre).    For more information on when to use "en" in cases like these

2013-02-25 Singular Nouns/Plural Nouns:

Hello Suzanne,    I am not sure if there is a general rule for this grammatical situation.  Some words can be used only on the singular because the plural has a different meaning.  If there is no difference


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