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Are you struggling with French? Are you working to improve your writing skills in French? Do you have a question regarding grammar, punctuation, syntax, choice of words, vocabulary? Are you wondering if what you are writing is correct? I am an experienced language assistant in French and I look forward to answering your questions and help you improve. I will reply promptly! However, I will not answer questions on phonetics and pronounciation. Au plaisir de vous aider!

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It's a beautiful language that doesn't cease to surprise and amaze me with its subtleties.

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Casey05/28/12101010Thank you so much for your help .....
Elisabeth01/12/12101010This expert's answer helped me a lot .....
Laurel01/07/12101010Thanks for your help!
John 01/02/12101010 

Recent Answers from Christine

2012-05-28 Translation:

Hi again,    "Une" and "la" are both articles that accompany nouns in French. When you look up a French noun, your dictionary will tell you whether the article is feminine or masculine.    The difference

2012-05-28 Translation:

Hi Casey,    The literal translation for "desperate life" is "une vie désespérée" in French. The article "une" is necessary here. You may also say "la vie désespérée" if you prefer.     "Desperatusr vitae"

2012-01-10 des or les:

Hi Elisabeth,    Let me break this down for you. : )    For the first sentence, the more French way to say it would rather be: "J'achète souvent des fruits et des légumes au centre commercial (à l'épicerie)

2012-01-02 ne or nee:

Hi Robert,    There should be what we call an "accent aigu" in French. Yes, they should certainly have the accent even when used in English, since the French essence and gramatical correctness should remain

2010-05-05 articles:

Hi Peter,    In fact, it is "Je n'aime pas LES pommes", which if translated word for word, means exactly "I don't like apples" (in general).     "Je n'aime pas DE pommes" is incorrect.     I would suggest


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