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T-SQL, Database design, Stored Procedures, Schema, .NET Classes, SQL Server, SQL Compact, SQL Express, ADO.NET, Administration, Pretty much anything inside SQL-Server. Will help research if I do cannot answer or provide exact answer. My way of giving back to the programming community

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Been software developer for 10+ years. Worked on various large business applications (Warehousing + Distribution, Financial, Healthcare). Worked on Mobile development (Proof of Delivery, Consumer based Infotainment application, Web based apps). Never stopped programming all these years. Worked on embedded, small, medium and large scale databases. Even in leisure time am reading computer related magazines. Have been a visiting professor at educational institutes teaching corporate and college students alike. Held Systems Analyst, Technical R&D member positions as well.


Brainbench certifications: (Microsoft.NET, Java 1, Oracle, Network Technical National Center for Software Technology: D-Level (software engineering exam)


Speaker at Planet PDA on topic “Developing Apps for the Pocket PC” Seminar at Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ on topic “Wireless LAN and Wireless Software applications”


Bachelors Degree in Engineering Electronics and Telecommunications Mobile Cellular Systems Satellite Communications

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2015-06-19 To improve sql query performance:

 Karan    The "online" server is it in shared hosting? or a virtual machine that you can remote into. My guess is it is the Disk IO speed that is causing the slow-down. Way to confirm is run an execution

2013-02-10 database design and coding for Front-End Web Developer:

 Hi,    Your stack (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP) will work well with the mySQL database also many a times refered to as the LAMP stack ( So I would

2012-06-11 Problem to connect Excel to SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services:

Believe it is possible but a bit complex to implement. Core idea is to use the "linked server" object and create a link between the two. See link below on how to achieve this.    http://klanguedoc.hubpages

2012-06-07 Problem to connect Excel to SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services:

You seem to be using OLEDB.  You need to use native SQL server client. You did not mention what version of Office you are using but for Office 2010 see here >>

2012-04-17 Databases, system analysis:

Your design is ambitious. Mainly depends on your budget and how detailed you want to really track the item from shelf --> cart --> checkout --> payment --> exit.    Would suggest you can look at the offerings


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