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I can answer questions about aerodynamics (high speed and low speed), internal fluid flow, computational methods (CFD, some design, etc.)

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25+ Aerospace Engineering, University Professor


Mississippi State University AIAA SIAM




PhD Aerospace Engineering

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(yes, that's a "not-so-recent" picture of me.................from the 60's)

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Recent Answers from Mark Janus

2016-06-16 Plane Jump Scenario:

Both the plane and YOU are falling at the same speed thus you'd hit the water at the same speed as the plane (or ever so slightly lower if you jumped up)     That idea is similar to what is sometimes used

2016-02-17 Job:

What is a normal day on the job like?  busy teaching classes, grading work, and organizing research efforts  What are some of the best colleges to go to?  Mississippi State University (of course)...  seriously

2015-12-07 Helicopter Rotor Blades.:

Certainly there can be more than one set of rotor blades ...  coaxial counterrotating blades are designed to eliminate the residual swirl that any single rotor imparts to the flow (an inefficiency)..

2015-11-25 Thermoelectric balloon:

Sounds interesting...  you probably need to run some feasibility numbers ... basic things like weight of fabric, insulating properties of fabric, energy load, weight of solar cells, etc...    You've got

2014-07-01 Certain airflow conditions for aerodynamic bodies:

I'm guessing here you are meaning the "freestream conditions"...  typically we use STP (standard temperature and pressure) at sea level unless a particular problem states otherwise...    You can google


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