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SMALL & LARGE PLANES - Aeronautics, Aerodynamics, Designing, Fabricating, Trouble shooting, Repairs, Flight testing, Fluid & Pneumatic controls, Engines, Propellers, Sheet metal, Rivets, Electronics, Fabric, Schools, Career choices, Aircraft systems.

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FAA certified commercial pilot FAA certified (A&P) Air-frame & Power-plant mechanic Aeronautical Engineer - University of Anchorage (Alaska) High school instructor, computers, robotics and aviation Current president of EAA chapter 837 (Payette, ID) Past Director of Maintenance (two airlines) Past Continental Airlines maintenance shift supervisor (Anchorage, Alaska)


Current president of EAA chapter 837 (Payette, ID)


FAA certified commercial pilot, FAA certified (A&P) Airframe & Powerplant mechanic, Aeronautical Engineer - University of Alaska (Anchorage), FCC MROP-Marine Radio Operators License, FCC GROL-General Radio Operators License, FCC RADAR endorsement, GEN FAM certificates MD aircraft, GEN FAM certificates Boeing aircraft, State Instructor License, High school instructor, computers, robotics and aviation

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Continental Airlines, University of Alaska, Pegasus Aircraft Maintenance, Klondike Air, Methow aviation, Bridget Mina Infant Foundation, Aviation Wholesale Supply, Bureau of Land Managment

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Recent Answers from Jan Zumwalt

2016-10-31 design a wing with minimum drag coefficient:

All aerodynamics are now done with computer simulators. Once the design is narrowed, wind tunnel tests are done to confirm the computer data.    The easiest way to experiment with airfoils is to use one

2016-08-15 International airport design.:

There is no clear answer. It really depends on the space available and the foresight of the designers. I would say (generally) that most airports are designed to include terminal expansion up to 20yrs

2016-08-15 International airport design.:

In the USA, the FAA and Customs keeps tract of the number of flights and their origin and destination. Airport terminal architects can reference this data and estimate the number of flights, along with

2016-08-08 aircraft engineer to aeronautical engineer:

The quick answer is... your not likely to be given an opportunity to design aircraft.    Aircraft designers are usually chosen from long standing employees and work in teams. For example the wing design

2016-08-07 aircraft engineer to aeronautical engineer:

Yes, further study is usually very desirable.  Often once a maintenance engineer finds an interesting aspect of the industry, or after being hired, further study is desirable.    Some areas that likely


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