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Aeronautics, Aerodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Aeroacoustics, Noise Control, Muffler Design, Wind Tunnel Research.... I know nothing about India - do not ask about schools, jobs, application requirements, career choices, etc. for India. Please, no text message verbiage; I prefer full words in full sentences. Thanks.

Experience in the area

38 years as research engineer at NASA




B.S. and M.S. Aeronautical Engineering - U. of Washington, Graduate work Standford U.

Awards and Honors

AIAA Associate Fellow (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

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2016-11-17 Perpetual Motion Machines:

No, you do not have a perpetual motion machine because it requires a battery for power that gets depleted. In short, the motion is not perpetual.    Perpetual motion is impossible because all moving systems

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It is difficult to generalize about the insulation quality of compressors because each design is different. I doubt any are perfectly insulated. If you are asking how to calculate the heat loss through

2016-05-16 Perfessional Interview:

Hi Dyrell - I am retired but will answer as if I was still working at NASA.    1.  2. aeronautical engineering  3. Aerospace Engineer Group Leader  4. Direct the group in research activities

2016-05-07 T-Tail Fairing:

Interference drag of intersecting struts can be substantial, and does not disappear with increased airspeed. S.F. Hoerner (Fluid-Dynamic Drag) shows that the drag from an unfaired strut junction can be

2016-04-29 Aeroplane cargo location.:

Not sure I understand your question. But in general you can design the cargo hold to be anywhere on the airplane so long as the cargo weight does not make the airplane unstable. There have been cases where


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