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Questions about the collection of taxes. I spent ten years in Collections and tax return review with the IRS and spoke with over 20,000 people. I worked with people to solve problems with their tax levies, liens, Offer in Compromise, unfiled tax returns, payment/filing options and general questions.

Experience in the area

Over 10 years with the IRS - recently retired. Handled thousands of cases - mostly for regular people that owed anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $100,000.


Masters Degree from Iowa State in Ames.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Offer In Compromise. Many companies say they can help, you see the TV ads all the time. Typically those companies charge $800 to $4500 (you could do it yourself for much less). The IRS is not inclined to accept an OIC if you have assets and/or a job. The "pennies on a dollar" settlement promise companies will take your payment even if they know that 99% of the cases like yours are not accepted.

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The IRS has a bit of a reputation and some people do not want to talk to them. Actually, they are regular people and I always recommend calling the IRS and talking to someone about your account. That way you get to ask all your questions and can evaluate your options. 800-829-7650

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Recent Answers from Richard S

2016-06-09 Need some help:

Sorry this took so long, on vacation. I'm not an expert in state taxes, but if you make a profit selling countertops in your state then you'll have to pay the state taxes due on that sale. The short answer

2016-05-09 How Form ss-8 works with tax returns:

Peg, the IRS would only "misclassify" you if they received a 1099 from your employer and not a W2. The IRS will not send you a W2, if you can obtain one from your old employer - I would do that and send

2015-03-25 Bad advice from an accountant...:

Hi Brian,  Looks like her options are few without knowing why the CRA disallowed her claim. In the end, because you sign your own tax return, you are responsible. She could call the CRA and explain what

2015-02-28 mistake on w2 entry for box 12:

Ken,  I doubt the IRS will contact you. They might if you have a large income - six figures plus or if your roth contribution was huge. Since the IRS is mostly concerned that taxes are paid on amounts

2013-08-23 conflict with the IRS:

You didn't say how much the difference is in the two calculations. I would call 800 829-7650 at a little after 8AM eastern time and see why they disagree. Even if you are on hold for a little while calling


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