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Warren Friedl, Pro Shop Owner/Operator, "Pro Shop Operator" Magazine columnist, certified coach


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24 Years Pro Shop Owner/Operator, Small Shop columnist "Pro Shop Operator" Magazine (a trade publication). International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA) Charter member, IBPSIA Certified, IBPSIA "On Lanes" Certified, 2 Time Member of the IBPSIA Board of Directors and Past Secretary/Treasurer, Dick Ritger and USA Bowling Bronze certified. Certified Coach since National Bowling Council and YABA days.

Experience in the area

Bowling over 50 years, 24 Years operating Revolutions Pro Shops in 2nd Largest bowling ball market in the country, Chicagoland. 17 Years in Center operations as Marketing Director, Asst. Manager or General Manager, becoming GM in every Center I worked.


American Bowling Congress/USBC Member since 1976, bowling 50 years. International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association (IBPSIA) Charter Member, 2 time member of IBPSIA Board of Directors, former Secretary/Treasurer. US Bowling Coaches Association (Bronze Coach) Bowling Writers Association of America (BWAA)


“Pro Shop Operator” Magazine columnist (trade publication). “Bowlers Journal International,” Chicago Bowler, Windy City Bowling News, Centennial, (Revolutions Pro Shops), The Bowling Tree Blog,, Revolutions e-Newsletter, and IBPSIA Net News (e-newsletter).


IBPSIA Technically Certified. Certified with the Young America Bowling Alliance (YABA) and the National Bowling Council (NBC) as a coach in 1982. Other coaching credentials include: Dick Ritger Level One, Dick Ritger Coaching Coaches, and USA Bowling Bronze Level.

Awards and Honors

Award winning bowling blog: The Bowling Tree. Created and executed Promotions highlighted in Bowlers Journal Magazine and included in the “150 Promotions for Bowling Centers” organized by the Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA). Rolled Multiple 300's, participated in my first PBA regional at the age of 57 and didn't finish last! Bowled and cashed in First PBA Senior regional. First Pro Shop featured in "Bowling Industry" magazine, for customer service and merchandising, October 1996. Identified “One of the best ball fitters in the country” by then Track, Inc. President Del Warren, September 2005.

Past/Present Clients

Presenter at the IBPSIA National Convention. Presenter at Bowling Proprietors Association of America Management School DJS Associates Forensic Consulting, Technology and Animations

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

As much as I have learned over the years, I always find someone I can learn more from.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Bowling can be simple to learn, but intensely complicated to master.

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DaRenda,    Take it back. Tell the guy what's going on. If you've not had experience with a proper fit, you will struggle mightily when what you think fits is a house ball!!!      House balls demand that

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Gary,   A three piece ball like the cores in the rubber and plastic would   cause the least early hook. So a urethane ball like the Storm Mix or  Columbia 300 Scout (reactive) could help the ball finish

2016-10-05 columbia yellow dot bowling ball:

Anthony,  Columbia 300 dated the serial number with first digit being the last digit of the year. 6 being 201(6), 200(6), 199(6), 198(6), 197(6), etc. I'd suspect if yours is a bleeder, very dark almost

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Gary,  You can't be throwing the ball 10 mph, that's longer than 3 seconds for it to hit the pins!!! Don't look at the measurement devices on the scoring screen, they are seldom accurate. What balls are

2016-09-03 Drilling:

Vince,  Professional bowlers are among the most consistent, most accurate players on the planet. They use changes in speed, rotation and tilt to create different ball motions. Often you will see similar


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