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I can answer questions related to crushes. I believe I can help teenagers about the problems and difficulties that they have when they get attracted to members of opposite sex. I don't think I will be handle questions on physical relationships and sex.

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I am 29 now and I have faced such situations during my teenage and even after that. Based on this, I consider myself adept to be dealing with such situations.


I am an engineering graduate in Computer Science. I have done n M.B.A in Communication Management.

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Chris08/27/15101010Thank you, I'll take your advice I .....
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2016-01-08 crush:

Dear Jenny,    Each of us are different but we always try to connect with people who are like us. It's perfectly ok to see someone who has different interests from yours. It might however be important

2015-12-18 Crush advice:

Dear Johnny,    14 years is way too young to worry about all this. I would suggest you continue bring good friends without worrying on what to call your friendship as.Don't bother about thinking if she

2015-08-08 My guy friend:

Dear Stella,    It's clear that you have feelings for him. From what you have explained, it is likely that he likes you the same way as well. He was also probably being very honest, when he told you that

2015-07-17 let this go?:

Dear Sasha,    This really depends on how well you know each other and if he is serious about you.  While you said that he flirts with you, you will need to ask yourself if he was playful or serious when

2015-07-04 Crush:

Dear Abby,    You have feelings for this guy. But do you know what the guy thinks of you? It might be important to hang around with this guy for sometime and then pop the question to him. It might not


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