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Erin Madigan Stathis, LMHC, NCC

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I am a licensed and nationally certified psychotherapist providing treatment for depression, self-esteem and relationship problems. I counsel adults and adolescents in outpatient clinics and work in a high school one day per week. I can answer questions on any subject related to depression such as: • Adolescent depression• Questions related to self-harming (like cutting) or suicidality • What is depression • How to tell if you have a problem with depression and what to do; • What to do if you suspect a loved one has a problem with depression; • Questions related to treatment

Experience in the area

I am a licensed psychotherapist providing treatment for depression. I counsel adults and adolescents.


American Counseling Association, Massachusetts Mental Health Counselors Association, South Boston Hope and Recovery Coalition


I have a Masters Degree in Mental Health and Behavioral Medicine from Boston University School of Medicine and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Boston University. I have completed many continuing education courses such as "Substance Use and the Adolescent Brain" by the Institutes of Health and Recovery and "Self-Harming Behaviors" by Harvard University and the Cambridge Health Alliance.

Past/Present Clients

My caseload is comprised of adults and adolescents in a Boston neighborhood.

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Recent Answers from Erin Madigan Stathis, LMHC, NCC

2012-02-03 Taking Prozac with welbutrin:

Hi Patti,  I want to preface this answer with this:  I am not a medical doctor nor do I prescribe medication.  I am a psychotherapist and regularly refer people to psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practitioners

2012-02-02 Continue antidepressants?:

Hi Shane,  Thanks for your question; it's a great one.  Many psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists today recognize that the mind and body are not, in fact, 2 separate things.  They are interconnected

2012-01-11 ex gf depression:

Dear Wynn,  I am sorry to hear that you've been having such a difficult time.  I'm not seeing a specific question here, so I will give you some general info about depression and alcohol use.  Alcohol is

2012-01-07 any ideas:

Hi Becky,    Thanks for your question.  I'm sorry to read that you've been struggling with depression for so long.  It's definitely not an easy thing to cope with, so I hope you find some help soon.  Unfortunately

2011-12-03 Depressed girlfriend:

Hi Aaron,  This is such a great question.  Many readers will benefit from reading it.  Thanks for submitting it.  I'll answer your questions as best as I can, but please understand that without meeting


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