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I can answer question about grammar, spelling, syntax, idioms, reading and/or writing that pertain to English as a Second Language. I am knowledgeable about both TOEFL and IELTS.

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I'm a certified ESL teacher with 12 years of experience teaching K-12 and adults.


BSc MEd TESL post grad program for k-12 TESL post grad program for adult ed

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2017-01-22 Present perfect and past simple:

Hi Anabell,     as I previously mentioned, since the fact that you did well in your exams is a finished action, and it has no result/consequence in the present, I would use the Simple Past.     Here is

2017-01-17 question:

Hi Nilu,    "past the window" means on the other side of the window    the tanks were the ones rumbling    My friend was outside and he was standing behind the window.I was looking at him from inside through

2017-01-17 Present perfect and past simple:

Hello Anabel,       aside from the obvious fact that the verb tenses are different in the two sentences, they both convey the exact same meaning, but if you were to be very strict about your grammar, I'd

2017-01-14 word choice:

1.  I am good at long distance running. I started running when I was in junior high school. Our school held a running race every December in the mountains near our campus. My PE teacher taught me some

2017-01-14 Difference:

Hi Santosh    1. the verb tense is the Past Perfect which expresses the idea that the purchase of the house happened before another action in the past. It can also show that purchasing the house happened


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