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I can offer help with homework, can review hard to understand documents and explain or summarize them in a way that`s easy to understand, can offer tips for making things easier to understand, and can help with explanations of slang or "common" use English.

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I have spoken, written, and studied English all of my life.

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Arian12/18/14101010Excellent.. Thanks so much!
Den06/13/14101010Thanks a lot. Your answer was thorough .....
Ngan Tran06/11/1410 
FKK06/10/14101010Thank you, Jamie.
Luke06/05/14101010Yes, it helps a lot, Jamie. Great .....

Recent Answers from Jamie France-Hernandez

2014-11-23 Meaning help please..:

Hi Arian and thanks for your question.  A "classic negotiator" is someone with good negotiating skills - someone that speaks well and would be a good salesperson.   "Trading functions" have to do with

2014-06-12 Comma before "too" at the end of sentence.:

Hi Den and thanks for your question.   1) I like apples, too.     OR     2) I like apples too.     Both of your examples are correct.  There is no rule that says you have to add a comma before "too" at

2014-06-09 Preclude vs prevent:

Hi Ngan and thanks for your question. You are correct that preclude and prevent have similar meanings and can sometimes be used interchangeably. The difference is subtle.     Prevent means to keep something

2011-09-07 Informal English:

Hi YH,    Thanks for your questions.    Question 1 - Although it makes sense to say "You can have hamburger, French fries and orange juice" without adding "a" before hamburger it changes the meaning a

2011-06-22 sentences:

Hi Oppo,    1. All four of these sentences are perfect.    2. All five of these sentences are perfect.    3.     (1.) This candidate does not suit our qualifications.   Can I replace “suit” with “fit”


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