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Questions about development only. No installation or hardware specific questions, please. Your first step in requesting assistance should be to identify the version of FoxPro you are using. I can write short functions but, PLEASE do not ask me to write programs for you.

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Nearly 30 years professional programming experience using FoxPro (FoxBase through VFP 9) or other xbase language, primarily in Windows environments.


Completed a 1,000 hour diploma course in programming at International Academy of Ohio (subsequently merged with Southern Ohio College).

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Debbie09/23/15101010Thank you for your comments and suggestions .....
Girish Sharma09/21/15101010Thanks for your reply. I added deletion .....
Dave08/13/15101010Thanks Fred - your answer prompted me .....
David06/17/15101010Hi Fred - hope you get to .....
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Recent Answers from Fred Frase

2016-12-01 payslip heads in Hindi:

Sir:       Let me start by saying - I don't know anything about printing in any language other than English.       However, I suspect it's a matter of choosing the correct font.  Look at something else

2015-09-22 Run a foxpro2.6 a .EXE program in Windows 7, 64 bit:

Good afternoon, Debbie,    I'll start by way of an apology, my expertise is in coding, not environments, so the short answer is I don't know.  But...    IF it's possible, it suspect it will have something

2015-09-17 Browse tracking help:

Sir:       First - you apparently missed the part in the instructions which asked for the version of FoxPro you are using.  As a result, my answer has to be generic enough that it won't matter.       As

2015-08-11 Foxpro 9 ComboBox Properties:

HI Dave,    Sorry for the delay.  With the limited information available, I'm guessing that the starting location in the dropdown is determined by the current location of the record pointer.  So, my best

2015-06-30 Foxpro 6 code to Foxpro 9 code:

Hi, Ken       I'll start with the easy version of the bad news.  I don't know.  That being said, I can try a guess, but it is just a guess, so no guarantees.       The generation of "MonthN" and "MonthC"


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