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I can answer any questions about massage. Muscle and joint pains. I am also a practitioner in Esalen massage. I am also medically conversant so I can answer any questions you might have regarding the interaction of medicine with Massage Therapy.

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16 years experience as a part time massage Therapist. 29 years experience as a Dental Hygienist (full time)


British School of Yoga Associate



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Look my name up in youtube to see me at work.

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Cameron05/10/16101010I appreacate you answering this question for .....
Shari04/28/15101010Thanks for your help :)
shari06/06/14101010Thanks :)
Adrian Harrell05/18/13101010 

Recent Answers from Jeremy Lanfranco

2015-04-25 spa or clinic?:

Hi Shari,    Thanks for your question.   I only work in a clinical setting so can't really say much about a spa    However in my first years I used to work in a spa. You do get extra tips because people

2015-02-14 torn gracilis muscle:

Hi again Vicky!    Based on the answers you have provided, I can  assume that your condition would merit further investigation. A reputable massage therapist would be able to tell you if your condition

2015-02-13 torn gracilis muscle:

Hi Vicki,    Thanks for your question!    Gracilis/groin pain can be very debilitating.    a/ It would be helpful if you specify how this injury has taken place.   b/ Did you just wake up like that?  

2014-08-23 massage and?:

Hi,   Many thanks for your question!    For a moment let's split your question in 2 because your neck and groin ailments are unrelated. (although we're talking of the same spine)    1. It seems you already

2014-06-03 muscles:

Hi,  The bones are a must in most schools but all the anatomical points on the skull in detail are not necessary especially the different fossae and foramenae.    Since you will be working with muscles


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