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I can answer questions related to stretching, deep tissue, reflexology, cancer massage and orthobionomy as well as post-surgery massage and insurance filing for massage therapists and how to get a massage therapy license and working with fibromyalgia clients. I cannot answer questions especially related to energy work, accupressure, rules of massage outside the United States.

Experience in the area

I have been practicing massage therapy for 6 years and am nationally certified. I am certified in Integrative reflexology. I was trained in insurance filing. I routinely work with doctors on their clients following surgery. I have taken 3 classes in orthobionomy and have had training in cancer massage and read books on cancer massage and massage for the medically frail. My primary area of massage is working with individuals in pain from fibromyagia to auto accidents to chronic pain. Depending on the case depends upon the modality used, but I perform a lot of deep tissue massage.





BA in Molecular Biology 500 hours Massage Certification Certification in Integrated Reflexology

Awards and Honors

Biology Honors, BA

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Charlotte-    As a licensed massage therapist, my first question for your sister would be about her doctor's opinion about her receiving a massage, if she were my client.    I will let you know that I

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Steve,    Thanks for trusting me with your question.    What were the results with accupuncture? Anything? or for how long did they last?    I have a couple of comments about over-active bladder and massage

2012-07-09 Massage after thyroid cancer surgery:

Shelley-    One thing I would recommend for the scar/incision pain is applying emu oil. Yes I realize this sounds odd, but it is a natural anti-inflammatory and crosses deeper across the skin than most

2012-07-07 Massage after thyroid cancer surgery:

Shelley,    I am a licensed massage therapist trained in cancer massage.    I'm sorry to hear about your recent thyroid removal and hope you are recovering well.    I have a couple suggestions about your

2012-06-06 MS and deep tissue:

Ann,    Good question!    There;s no official standing that I know of and I just tried to find as well regarding MS and deep tissue.    As you know, individuals with MS get fatigues easily and it is recommended


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