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Specialist sports massage practitioner dealing with the limitations of massage and it`s application supporting the training regime of elite athletes.

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Twenty years sports massage experience. I have world title holders among my clients and several international gold medalists. Experienced with ballet dancers, aerobic teachers, track and field athletes, stamina and endurance athletes, martial artists-to name a few!


Please feel free to check out an expose of my work at:

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Roger05/25/15101010Thank you for the advice much appreciated .....
Ron12/19/07101010Thanks Orlando! I appreciate the great insight!
Natasha09/22/07101010Thanks for your help Orlando, though I .....
karl07/16/07101010wow!! very friendly helpful and informative!! brilliant .....

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2015-05-23 Aromatherapy Massage after hysterectomy:

Good morning Roger    Thank you for your question.  This is out of my field-but the only answer I would give anybody in your position: protect yourself first.    If anything goes wrong after the surgery

2008-01-15 esthetician's massage techniques:

Good afternoon Tammy.    Thank you for your question.  I am afraid that this is an old wives tale.      The original thinking was that by massaging towards the heart-the massage would assist the blood

2007-09-19 massage boundaries with client:

Hi there Daniel.  Thank you for your question.  I don't know which country you live in-but I'm afraid what Hans is up is definitely not massage.  Rectal thermometers are the sole realm of the medical profession

2007-08-15 Chair Massage/alcohol:

Good afternoon Ange.    Thank you for your question.    On no account ever treat anybody with massage if there is any question about impaired judgement because of alcohol, drugs or otherwise.      If the

2007-07-14 tight body:

Good morning Joe.  I had to research this information.  For what it is worth to you:    "Do include some protein-rich foods such as eggs and dairy in your daily diet.  A recent study at the University


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