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Eunice Estipona is a spa consultant, mentor, advisor, speaker, lecturer & author.One of her advocacies is to make healing & information regarding the field of spa, massage & wellness accessible & affordable to everyone. If you are serious about turning your business or practice around, making the right decisions, getting an unbiased opinion & knowing where to get help, for lectures & other concerns she can be contacted at or +639184745685. To find out how she can help you take your business to the next level, visit her site at or These along with hundreds of resources found locally and abroad are contained in “The Spa, Massage and Wellness Resource and Career Book”, the first book of resource information to know more about the Spa, Massage and Wellness Industry in the Philippines and other countries including the United States, Australia and other Asian countries. If you are a spa, massage therapy and wellness information seeker the resources contained in the book is for you. This book is a collection of data and valuable information regarding the spa and massage industry in a global perspective with a focus on the Philippines. Her advocacy in writing the book is to make “unbiased” information regarding the field of spa, massage and wellness resources and career, accessible and affordable for everyone. If you are considering a career in the massage, spa and wellness industry, this book will prepare you and give you a glimpse of what it is like, the preparation you need to take: emotionally, intellectually and financially. In this book, you will learn more details in the spa and massage field and the possible paths you can take. You will also learn about local and international training programs offered and numerous employment possibilities. Giving you much needed information at your fingertips.

Experience in the area

EUNICE ESTIPONA, started as a freelance massage therapist way back in 2001 became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2002 and since then worked her way up the career ladder of the spa, she became hooked to the intricacies of the spa industry which eventually led to her organizing the International Council for Complementary Medicine, Inc.. She is a Registered Medical Technologist, a Licensed Massage Therapist and an Emergency Medical Technician. She finished numerous trainings, seminars and workshops including spa management programme in Bangkok, Thailand and the Institute of Spa Management. She is a spa and wellness center consultant, teacher, lecturer, coach (even a cyber/online coach), referral facilitator, mentor and speaker specializing in Massage/Touch Therapy. She is a spa and indigenous healing aficionado, connoisseur and information consultant. She will tell you what you need to know and direct you to people who can be of help. Nearly half of her experience in the industry was spent on managerial, consulting and supervisory level. Through this exposure she has been able to gain strong insight into the wellness industry. Being a frequent spa-goer herself who has experienced being a practitioner and a client, she also has first hand-experience on what it is like wearing different hats.

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

I have only scratched the tip of the iceberg and wanted to make a difference in the field of health and wellness.

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Roger E D11/25/12101010Thank you for a clear advice Roger .....

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Thanks Teresa for your email.    If you plan to use it as a full time career here and abroad (especially abroad) they require a DOH license but unfortunately if you are already 47  years old, sad but true

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Hello Ujwala,    Thank you for your question. If the olive oil does not cause any adverse reaction towards the skin of your baby then you can continue with it but if your baby develops an allergy or itchiness

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Hello Ryan,    I am glad that you wanted to pursue a career in massage therapy. Massage therapy practice per se, does not discriminate age, gender or appearance so whatever you will learn in massage school

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Hello Joanne,~  ~  Try mo mag hot compress sa part na may lamig. Puwede mong gawin sa bahay ito. This can be done through a hot towel na plinantsa. (Iron the towels or bimpo.) Yung kaya mo lang ang init

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Hello Nake,    I think the conflicting theories of massage therapy and physiotherapy are the following (but there could be more):  1. Physiotherapy is more of medical in nature while massage is more of


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