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i can answer most scenario/woods ball related questions about markers, game tips, team help, pretty much any thing about scenario i will try to answer. don't ask me any thing about speed ball i have never played it and never will. don't ask me what field to go to because i dont know many fields away from my area.

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6 year scenario paintballer 1 year paintball shop tech, salesman 2 year scenario team captain


college graduate

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2016-02-09 how does a paintball gun work?:

hi caelan,     i would rather not do a interview over the phone but i will try my best to answer your questions through the all experts website.    from what i remember researching paintballs where first

2015-05-31 Cheap Paintball netting:

hi matt- there is nothing that I know of that would be a cheap alternative to paintball netting that could be easily taken down or removed. personally netting is the last thing I would want to save money

2014-11-07 Design a new paintball mask:

nick- sorry for the late answer. the best I can do is tell you about my experiences with the goggles I have used. the jt walmart goggles are the most common for beginners mainly because they are cheap

2014-07-24 Spyder pilot acs won't shoot sometimes:

it could be a few things. if your marker has eyes it could be that there is no ball breaking the beam so it wont fire, if you have a gravity fed hopper you might consider upgrading to a electronic loader

2014-04-01 CO2:

hunter- your best bet is to look around for an air cylinder supplier(companies that sell acetylene and oxygen tanks might also sell co2 fill tanks) or fire safety stores might also sell them. Then you


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