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Questions about the paintball sport itself, from recreational ball through speedball and competition play; how to play the game, from basic to advanced tactics; paintball equipment; how to start a paintball field or store; and about the business of paintball.


Have written for/edited Action Pursuit Games magazine, Paintball magazine, and many other magazines, newsletters, web sites, newspaper articles, videos, video scripts, and books. Expert; consultant.


College & advanced degrees

What do you like about this subject?

Paintball is the world's most thrilling, intricate, adrenaline-packed game! No two games will ever be exactly alike. You don't have to be big, fast, young, or strong to excel in paintball!

What do you still hope to achieve/learn in this field?

Education and safety - the more, the better, is a goal for everyone in paintball.

Something interesting about this subject that others may not know:

Paintball has over 9 million players in the USA now. Founded in 1981 by Bob Gurnsey, the history of paintball can be read at under The Roots of the Game.

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Paintball - you're shooting liquid-filled paintballs at your opponents, and everyone has a special paintball marker. MANDATORY! Paintball goggle systems for everyone in the shooting/game area; speed limits for the paintballs measured on a chronograph; barrel plugs or barrel bags for every marker barrel when not in a shooting area.

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2017-02-02 Handmade pump guns:

Bubba,     Colin Thompson (deceased) built the Grey Ghost line of pump markers. I have a special one that Colin built for me, and still play paintball with it.     Colin entered the paintball industry

2014-11-07 Design a new paintball mask:

Nick,    Not to discourage your project, but to provide some very important information that needs your careful research.     Reviewing and fully understanding relevant technical standards must be done

2012-12-13 Anti fogging lens:

Jacob, can you or have you produced prototypes that work as you describe, and do not diminish/affect negatively the characteristics of the protective lens (which must meet an ASTM standard for paintball

2012-12-12 Superhydrophobic suit:

Actually, the standard rules for paintball internationally require a mark to show a hit. The hit (marked) player is out of that game. (And running out of paintballs does not mean a player is out of the

2012-10-04 Close-range protection:

Ted, paintball is for fun, recreational enjoyment.     While paintball is a game where getting hit "up close and personal" is considered part of the game, customers who have fun become repeat customers--while


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