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I can answer most inquiries with respect to bicycle assembly, repair, tuning and maintenance. I am less than inclined to speak on such questions as "What kind of bike should I buy?", &/or "What is this bike worth?", etc. Any answers to these types of questions may correlate poorly to an acceptable "fact/sarcasm" ratio.

Experience in the area

7 seasons of "Professional" bicycle service/repair, etc. 4 seasons as Instructor, Professional Bicycle Mechanic training college. n-1 seasons of riding, cracking, crushing, mutilating and breaking bikes of any & all varieties, and thus requiring intense and at-hand skills development, etc.


Certified Professional Bicycle Mechanic; Winterborne Bicycle Institute/Conestoga College

Past/Present Clients

The Hub Bicycle Shop, Hespeler Winterborne Bicycle Institute

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ralph02/04/16101010Thank you for an answer that now .....
Ed11/22/15101010Very helpful and clear advice. Thanks.

Recent Answers from James Novak

2016-09-03 New Bike Options Dilemma:

 While I can't speak to the specific models of bikes you cited, I can make some suggestions regarding your questions.    I would be confidant that most contemporary frame designs/materials should provide

2016-08-18 Replacing crankset and bottom bracket.:

There are a few factors to consider in replacing your crankset. Firstly, if the replacement crank/chain ring set is identical to the old one (in terms of chain ring tooth count), then your existing derailers

2016-05-19 height:

Bike fit from brand to brand can get quite tricky.  Many manufacturers seem to be steering away from measurements in relation to the seat tube length, in favour of more generic S-M-L-XL style sizing.

2016-03-14 rear cog set replacement:

It depends on the make/model of your cogset. If you are running a "freewheel"-type cog set, where the cogs and freewheeling mechanism are threaded onto the hub body, then the likelihood of replacing individual

2016-02-28 Bike damage:

From the information provided, I can't  comment on the cause of the paint chipping. It could be caused by flexion, as you stated, but it also might simply be the result of  ham-handed insertion/removal


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