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I can answer general questions about college life as an adult student as well as traditional age. I can help you with how to make the right choice of school, being away from home for the first time, adjusting to being a big fish in a small pond, Do's and Don'ts and almost anything that is on your mind. If I do not initially have the answer I will help you figure it out.

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I am a college graduate with multiple undergraduate degrees and a Master's degree. I have graduated from college as a traditional student and have also graduate from college as a non traditional student.


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2013-06-20 professor again!!!:

Ok, so now here is where I distribute tough love and you hate me.    Why do you care if he wants to have drinks with you or not? You have made friendly advances to him and he has rejected them. Regardless

2013-06-14 professor - the sauga continues!!:

Dear,  please don't ask this man for drinks again.  It appears he was just being polite.  He is your teacher and probably has no real interest in being anyones friend.  I'm sure it's not just you.  Professor

2013-05-25 professor:

Id say leave it alone and proceed like nothing ever happenned. From the last email and this one I see that you are a serious student and this may lead you to over think and over analyze. It is VERY difficult

2013-05-01 professor:

I would just show up to his class. It is not your fault. You chose another instructor, showed him your new courses with your new instructor, you did your part. I believe you are over thinking it. Im sure

2013-02-11 Colleges In General:

I may not be as much help as I have only attended large universities in multiple areas of NY. You should google small CA colleges and check out their web sites. Be sure to pay attention to their population


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