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I can answer any question pertaining to college life, but I will not answer anything silly or profoundly ignorant. Questions need to be in clear english and logical in nature.

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A former college RA with 1+years experience.


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Sarah05/29/11Thanks, that was a thoughtful answer. :)

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2017-01-01 Double Major in Geology and Astronomy?:

My advice to you is research jobs that will use those college majors because you don't want to get out there and you can't get any use out of your degree. Both Astronomy and Geology are science majors

2014-06-27 Question about bringing a laptop:

You could take notes by hand, but a good percentage of students in colleges and universities are using laptop computers or tablets. You need to find out what is the most time saving method for taking notes

2013-09-28 How should I go about my college options?:

Hello Robert,    Thank you for taking the time to write me I want to say I am impressed with your SAT score you will do well. My take on this is that you living on campus will be beneficial for you, but

2012-08-21 french as a major:

My apologies for the delay and thank you for taking the time to answer you may want to google colleges in that area and email the admissions department to ask them do they offer French as a major. Most

2012-02-20 Unfair Grade:

My apologies for the delay, but I didnt exactly understand your question because it wasnt too clear, but all I can tell you is that you need to gather all your work and file an appeal with your academic


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