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I can answer questions regarding types of financial aid. My advice about filling out the FAFSA is get someone to help you/your parents (I probably could have gotten more financial aid if we had gotten help from someone).

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I have experienced college life so I can give honest answers about the negatives and positives regarding it. I am particularly knowledgeable about life at a small private college (enrollment about 3,000).


I think this is an area where experience speaks more than education. I do not have any degree in education.

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I will be graduating this year.

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College is the best years of your life... so they say.

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2011-06-20 NOT a case of senioritis:

Sheila,    If your GPA is still 3.5 I would guess that you should be ok with your admission and scholarship, but I do not know what their criteria are. I would think they would consider your other classes

2011-06-19 NOT a case of senioritis:

Dear Sheila,    I am not sure what your grades usually are or your GPA to know how the final grades effected it or if the physics class was a regular honors class or AP or what your plans are for a college

2010-08-23 Odd response?:

Dear Student,    Glad to hear you have been accepted to another school. I hope the experience will be a lot better there.    You might want to talk to a lawyer since you wrote articles about him.    I

2010-08-21 Odd response?:

Dear student,    That is a horrible situation. I cannot believe that it happened, but sadly it did. There should be some way for you to get restitution. Perhaps you can get a lawyer. I would think you

2010-08-21 Odd response?:

Dear Student,    The response does seem quite strange to me. I understand it is college, so students are assumed to be responsible adults who can resolve problems on their own. You could try going to the


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