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Ask me about nuts-and-bolts information, such as going out-of-state for college, dorm life, handling stress, how to handle bank transfers, credit cards, etc.

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Both of my kids went away to college, so I've been there and done that. Check out my website before asking a question, please, since your answer may already be posted.


Graduated MIT, and so did my son. My daughter is at UC Berkeley.

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2017-01-01 Double Majoring in Geology and Astronomy?:

Depends on what college you end up at.  Some schools have more demanding majors than others.  While in college you will be exposed to other majors that you don't know exist now, so you may end up majoring

2015-10-26 Internet Safety:

Depends on the colleges.  Some search online and others do not.  But most employers will search, so be careful what you post online.  It's always OK to post a photo of yourself fully clothed, and looking

2014-12-01 extra curricular activities:

Depends on the college.  Some colleges are strictly academic and the kids don't do extra-curriculars.  When class is over, they get on the subway, or get into their car and go home.    Other colleges have

2014-09-10 essay buying:

Some are poorly written, but worse, some are duplicates or plagiarized.  Do NOT buy essays.  Write your own.  If you buy essays and get caught (and a large percentage of buyers DO get caught), you will

2014-05-27 College rules about essay buying:

If you're going to cheat and buy an essay, why not cheat and buy a diploma?  There are many "colleges" that will sell you a "diploma".  The point is to LEARN something.  Buying an essay doesn't teach you


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