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Aidan Bremner


I can show easy methods of drawing objects and the human figure from imagination or from life study, especially drawing the characteristics of a particular person with emphasis on the 3 - D form. Im "Old School" so dont ask me about computer assisted drawing.I can help with Perspective and choosing suitable materials to tackle a subject or a theme with the addition of introducing a humourous approach or message .This might be useful for those entering Cartoon competitions or wishing to send someone a special event birthday card etc. Drawing elipses as in bottles, glasses ,still life objects etc are easy for me to expain. I can show how to develop a sketch into a sculpture using wire or a welded steel frame / armature.

Experience in the area

I have been teaching art to all age pupils in school situation for over 24 years with emphasis on the 3 - d whilst at the same time producing Drawings paintings etchings and sculptures of my own . For the past 19 years i have been working as a street Caricaturist in the City of Lagos / Algarve using various techniques including wax and marker , watercolour , pastel and graphite blocks.I also exhibit my paintings on a regular basis and have membership of Two professional Art groups one in the Algarve and one in Scotland .


The Society of Scottish Artists ( SSA) Algarve Artists Network ( AAN) British Actors Equity


Studied for 5 years at Edinburgh College of Art , specialising in Sculpture. Trained Art teacher for Secondary and Primary schools in Great Britain, with specialist training in Education of the Blind. having taught 16 years in one specialist school in Edinburgh.

Awards and Honors

Andrew Grant Travelling Scholarship Edinburgh College of Art 1968 The Scotsman Cartoon competition 1974 The 2nd Irish Mini - Print Competion 1990 Honorary mention Porto World Cartoon Competition 2010

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