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Please don't ask me about identifying artists of art you might own, or about appraising art you own! You need to have an art appraiser look at your art. I've worked professionally as an illustrator for over 25 years. I've illustrated numerous children's books, classroom games, textbook/workbooks, posters and educational materials. I've also designed extensively for silk screen production. My designs have been printed primarily for the children's retail market, in stores as diverse as Bloomingdales to Montgomery Ward. Publications my work has appeared in such noteworthy publications as Highlights for Children, Scholastic Magazine, and the New York Times. Publishers I have worked with include McGraw Hill, North Atlantic Books, Hachai Publishing and MacMillan UK to name a few

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I'd be happy to answer questions regarding illustration, technique, materials, offer tips or questions about art in general.I will not answer questions about art appraisal. My only request is that you write me using standard English and punctuation.


BFA in Illustration

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2016-11-21 copyright and selling art:

Hello again,    Turning in someone else's work as your own is plagiarism.    Most cases of plagiarism can be avoided by citing sources. Simply acknowledging that certain material has been borrowed and

2016-11-20 copyright and selling art:

 Hi Harry,    Because you'd be breaking copyright laws with your concept, you shouldn't be referring to it as "my art", because it's not!    It's a great concept, by why risk being slapped with a lawsuit

2016-10-21 illustrations:

 Hi Ben,    The illustrator is named Bill Russell, and he works in scratchboard as well as wood block printing. Because the sample illustration is low resolution, I was unable to tell which of those two

2015-08-16 martin tang art 1981:

 Hi Pamela,    I'm sorry, this is outside my field of expertise.    With a quick google search the only thing I was able to find on Martin Tang is, that he's a very well known local artist in the San

2015-05-21 Painting by Letterman:

 Hi Barbi,    As I've said in my AllExperts expert profile, I am an illustrator, not an art appraiser. Please don't ask me about identifying artists of art you might own, or about appraising art you own!


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