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Michael N. Brette,J.D.


I provide capital for public companies from $100,000.00 to $20 million. I assist companies in structuring their private placement offerings, raising capital, going public via reverse merger or S-1 registration.

Experience in the area

I have invested over $3 million in emerging growth companies and helped companies raise million of dollars from hedge funds, private equity funds and accredited investors.


I am a Founding Member of the Southern California Investment Association. Members of SCIA are private investors, broker dealers, venture capitalist, investment managers, private equity funds. We have funded $100 million in transactions every year since 2000.


I have published two books Raising Capital For Your Business and Asset Protection Planning (


I have my Juris Doctor(Law Degree) for 30 years.

Awards and Honors

I am listed in Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in Industry & Finance.

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2013-07-25 company shares:

Thank you for the email. If the shares are from a publicly traded company you can open an account at any brokerage company and sell the shares on the open market. If the shares are from a private company

2012-04-27 Start Up:

Thank you for the question. I would set the corporation up in Nevada with a 100 million shares authorized. You do not have to issue all the shares but when you need them you will have them without the

2012-04-12 Venture Capital:

Thank you for the email. You need to prepare an PPM and seek out high net worth individuals that are experienced with investing in oil and gas and understand the risk involved. Do not purchase a list of

2012-03-07 Franchise:

Thank you for the email. This is a small amount of money. The best place to find the balance is friends, family, credit cards. It's too small for most investment companies to get involved with. You need

2012-01-14 raising capital:

Thank you for the email. There are only two legal ways to raise capital. Registration with the SEC and state regulators or through an exemption from registration. Exemptions are Reg. D 504, 505, or 506


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