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Have questions about your venture capital start-up? I can be of valuable assistance. I want your business to be successful and will do what I can to accomplish this goal. Let me save you time.

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For nearly 10 years, I have helped venture capital and stock start-ups conceptualize, build and grow into successful ventures via marketing and technology.


Although my educational background spans from undergraduate studies at Pace University in New York City to more detailed studies at the prestigious Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College (also in New York City) and study abroad at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid, SPAIN, the real credit goes to on-the-job real-world training, in the trenches grunt work and good old "trial and error".

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2014-04-13 advice in getting investors:

If they're local, find out what networking groups they're involved with and join. Once in, do whatever it takes to meet the decision makers and introduce yourself.    If they're not local, try connecting

2013-07-25 company shares:

Run. Seriously.    Unless you have absolutely nothing better to do with your time, I'd leave.    If the company doesn't do well enough, after paying the real owners "salaries", you'll make nothing and

2011-06-20 Business valuation:

Hi Priya,    I don't know that I'd be the best person to answer valuation questions but I don't know that many people would answer you (at least not for free) so instead I'm going to share my opinion based

2011-06-01 Franchise - Joint Ventures:

With limited knowledge, I'd say no. Normally, I wouldn't put up a substantial investment in a business with partners I don't know.    Further, it's unclear what the "partners" are investing into the business

2011-01-03 Business advice about venture capital:

If your business has the potential to generate significant revenue and it's a good business model backed by experienced and knowledgeable people, there'll never be a "bad" time.    As far as how to get


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