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Golf Swing, Simple swing, Improving Golf, rule of game, PGA tour event.
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kal07/05/12101010Answered my questions within 3 days and .....

Recent Answers from dan

2016-05-23 swing:

Hello Bud,  Thanks for asking this question.  I will try to answer as best I can:  1. Somehow, I think your whole body is moving backward more than needed when you do back swing.  It is very natural to

2015-08-06 forward press:

Hello Kyle:  Thanks for asking this question.  Your question is very valid and very fundamental and critical.    For Iron shot-making, we want to hit the ball with a bit of down-blow swing.  Because of

2014-09-30 golf - female:

Hello david:  Thanks for asking this question.    It is true that there is a different set/size for women. The club (driver or iron) is normally lighter and the grip is a little thin than men's club.

2013-05-08 Golf - Rules:

Hello Joe:  Thanks for asking this question.    You may want to check the local rule for more clarification.  Also, please see the USGA rule below, and see Cleaning Ball.  They are allowed through the

2013-05-04 Loose Impediment:

Hello Geri:  Thanks for asking this questions.  Please see rule 23-1 of USGA regarding the stones in Bunkers.    Stones are by definition loose impediments regardless of their location. Thus, when the


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