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I can answer questions pertaining to the mechanics of the golf swing. I can't answer personal questions about myself or my family.

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It has been a pleasure instructing golfers about the Over The Top Golf swing since 2008.



Creator of the Over The Top Golf Swing.

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Gerrit09/04/13101010Thanks, that was quick

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2016-05-05 Driver - push fade:

The clubfitter gave you sound advice. Unfortunately, unless you take numerous lessons and practice regularly, you'll own that fade until you are 77 years old. The reason I came up with the OVER THE TOP

2015-06-08 driver lefts:

The three things that come to mind that would promote a hook are too quick of a transition which is common among people (like me) with a short backswing, a strong grip and placing the ball too far back

2014-09-19 Which tee box:

It depends on from which tee the 0-9 player usually plays from to post his handicap scores. Also, age is a factor. If a 70 year old who usually plays from the senior tees, and has a 0-9 handicap, then

2012-04-23 short game and wedge play:

Long story short, your tee shots and irons are the same full swing while short game shots require different tempos, ball positions, club face manipulations, etc. My OVER THE TOP GOLF swing method, for

2012-02-20 Drive slice!:

Other than learning a new golf swing or optimizing your current swing, here's the quick answer for you. The slicing problem you are experiencing can be somewhat mitigated by using a higher-lofted driver


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