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I can answer questions about the golf swing only. However I do not believe in the bandaid approach so you will never hear from me give you a quick fix. If you have any questions regarding changing your swing from one style to the next i will attempt to answer those questions also, but this may take a Q & A session. I also travel quite a bit so at times it may take me a few days to answer your questions

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I have studied the best golf swings of the best golfers in the world for the past 70 years. I have also learned, and accomplished most of these swings myself. I understand what it takes to create the swings that made the best the best. I know the golf swing inside and out.


My education is from the school of hardknocks. I have hit thousands of golf balls and studied films from the best golfers in the world. I have also learned from 2 of the top teaching professionals in the world.

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Recent Answers from Jason Smith

2016-04-29 How have golfballs change over time:

Hello Dennis,   This is a complex question to answer.  The golf ball as it was in the early stages was whatever people could find.  It then really started with the feathery which was fabric stuffed full

2014-07-23 How to shorten the length of my backswing?:

Oh yes this is the problem you will have when doing this.  The reason you are pulling your shots is because you are hitting from the top.  To cure this it will be easy if you trust yourself.  All you have

2014-07-22 How to shorten the length of my backswing?:

Smith, this is something i had a problem with myself, i cant give you the clear cut answer with actually seing your swing but i can give you a couple of ideas that may help. Practice with your wedge.

2014-03-18 High ball flight:

Hello Sam and thanks for the question.  When you hit the ball high and straight with your irons are you satisfied with the distance or do you feel that you are losing 20+ yards because of it?  Is this

2013-11-05 backswing:

very sorry for the 3 month delay was not aware that you had sent a question for some reason i did not see the original question and i am very sorry about that.  Can you specify for me what you are doing


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